Poster Charts FAQs

QUESTION? What are the Poster Charts made of?
ANSWER: The Poster Charts are printed onto Poster Board (sturdy card stock).  They are the largest size Poster Board that you can find at any Office Supply store.  We customize each chart in the computer software system, and print them with a huge Poster Printer.


QUESTION? What do I write on them with?
ANSWER: Because they are a sturdy, card stock paper, they are simply written on with a pen or magic marker.  They are, obviously, built for one year usage.  Our hope is that you will re-purchase your favorite charts once a year and is why we try to do this so inexpensively for you.


QUESTION? Can I have my Poster Charts laminated?
ANSWER: Yes, but unfortunately we do not possess a laminating machine, so we are unable to provide that service for you.  Several Coaches have told us that upon receiving their charts, they had their charts laminated at their school.  Apparently, this helped extend the “life” usage of the charts that do not get written on (i.e. Percentage Charts, Max Conversion Charts, Plate Loading Charts etc.).  However, Coaches have told us that laminating and then writing on their charts with a dry-erase marker lead to a lot of “smearing and smudging” of text that made them difficult to read.


QUESTION? How many Names can I fit on an Attendance Chart or Weight Room Chart?
ANSWER: There is room for 68 Names on every Attendance and Weight Room Chart. The In-Season Stat Charts (Offensive Stats and Defensive Hit Chart), however only hold 50 names, because they are printed in “landscape” style to accommodate for an entire season’s worth of games.


QUESTION? Can I change the Goals and/or Stats listed on the Team Goals and Stat Charts?
ANSWER: Absolutely.  We can print your Charts with the exact goals/stats listed on the samples on our website OR you can give us your own goals or stats to have printed in there OR you can have the goals/stats areas left blank, so that you can write them in by hand later.  THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL COST TO CUSTOMIZE THE CHARTS WITH YOUR GOALS OR STATS.

QUESTION? Can I have my schedule printed across the top of my Team Goals or Stat Charts?
ANSWER: Absolutely.  If you give us your schedule, we’ll be glad to print that in there, and if you would like to give each team’s color scheme, then we can even print each of your opponents’ names in their particular school color.  THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL COST TO CUSTOMIZE THE CHARTS WITH YOUR SCHEDULE PRINTED ON THEM.


QUESTION? What is the turnaround time on the Poster Charts?
ANSWER: We can turn the Poster Charts around rather quickly, as it rarely takes longer than 48 hours to have all charts customized, printed and boxed.  They will then travel via Priority Mail which generally runs 2-3 days shipping according to distance traveled.  Altogether, you will generally have your Poster Charts in hand within 1 week or less.


QUESTION? How are the Poster Charts shipped, and what is the cost to ship them?
ANSWER:  All Poster Charts are shipped via a long triangular Priority Mail box.  The cost is $8 to ship the box.  Regardless of how many charts you’ve ordered, your shipping total will always be $8 in order to ship the box.